Eve - eve-olution

One vital missing statistic. Complexity. The bare complexity of the mesh body including that designers hands and feet needs to be included both in the reviews and on this table. EPOS hands in the current edition are insanely complex and I wonder about the others now.

Design is a strong and important process that has a strong influence on society and it can in many ways affect our well being. Design is as well outstanding as a competitive ’weapon’ when it comes to visualising a business strategy. Design is like a bridge between a company and a consumer which can build a trustworthy and reliable friendship (important in a time when advertising has turned into a questionable effort to build brand recognition). Even if design is often about bringing function to our everyday life, it’s also about creating desire. Design can for sure also make savvy costumers pay a premium for an artefact or ingredient.

Eve - Eve-OlutionEve - Eve-OlutionEve - Eve-OlutionEve - Eve-Olution