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Revelers, the - set myself up

The ship's captain, Thomas FitzStephen, was ordered by the revellers to overtake the king's ship, which had already sailed. [4] The White Ship was fast, of the best construction and had recently been fitted with new materials, which made the captain and crew confident they could reach England first. But when it set off in the dark, its port side struck a submerged rock called Quillebœuf , and the ship quickly capsized. [4] William Adelin got into a small boat and could have escaped but turned back to try to rescue his half-sister, Matilda, when he heard her cries for help. His boat was swamped by others trying to save themselves, and William drowned along with them. [4] According to Orderic Vitalis, only two survived by clinging to the rock that night. One was Berold (Beroldus or Berout), a butcher from Rouen ; the second eventually drowned, Godfrey, the son of Gilbert of Laigle ( Godefroi de l'Aigle ). The chronicler further wrote that when Thomas FitzStephen came to the surface after the sinking and learned that William Adelin had not survived, he let himself drown rather than face the King. [5]

There will also be one primary in a Salina area state legislature race. In the 71st District Tom Bell, the former editor and publisher of the Salina Journal, is trying to unseat incumbent Diana Dierks, a long-time Salina realtor.

Revelers, The - Set Myself UpRevelers, The - Set Myself UpRevelers, The - Set Myself UpRevelers, The - Set Myself Up