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Jodeci - freek 'n you (remixes)

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Do you ever feel like you get pigeonholed as being a certain type of artist, because when people think about Jodeci, they think about the leather, the black clothes, the 'thugs' of R&B? MR. DALVIN: Not to discredit anybody but that's the ignorance of not knowing. You see a guy with his pants hanging down, he's got a skully, and you scared cause he's black. People have a lifestyle with culture. Jodeci, as many records as we've sold, we've never been invited to the Grammys. Is it because we're too black or what? We stay true to ourselves. We ain't try to conform or reform ourselves to what was standard of R&B [was]. We stuck by our guns.

Jodeci - Freek 'N You (Remixes)Jodeci - Freek 'N You (Remixes)Jodeci - Freek 'N You (Remixes)Jodeci - Freek 'N You (Remixes)